Essex Holdings is a¬† supplier in the export of soy from Brazil, our soy is farmed from the Northern region of Brazil where plantations of approx 500 ‚Äď 600 Hectares up to 150,000 Ha are common in this region, by working with the koperasi, and the strategic implication of our Integrated Production we are able to assist our suppliers in a far more beneficial capacity.
Agri_2-300x187We supply soy (Both beans and oil) from Brazil and to our clients worldwide. Due to Essex Holdingsrelationship with the farmers and local koperasi, soy became an integrated down stream business from the current activities within the agriculture sector. By holding Soy allocations and our integrated relationships with the farmers  we are able to stand strong as a soy supplier all year round.

Essex Holdings has made  financial investments to ensure a steady monthly supply of product which in turn enables us to streamline our export rates and keep a constant supply chain open to our clients. By holding allocations directly from the farmers  combined with our production integration we are able to stand strong as a rice supplier all year round.

Working closely with our suppliers we have gained the confidence of local farmers, mills, transport companies and many local authorities who enable Essex Holdings to continue to be a reliable business partner throughout the areas in which we operate.

Export volumes at present are 75,000 Mt per annum and  are set to increase over the next quarter as we finalize additional allocations to our company portfolio. We expect to see good growth within this sector over the next 12 months.


Our product is shipped out throughout various ports in Brazil, Santos being the main port.