Our Charter

Essex Holdings charter describes our objectives, our principles and how we measure our success. The charter is the primary focal point of expressing whom we are, what we do, what we stand for as an organization, and thus forms the basis of our decision making

We are Essex Holdings Inc., an international global resources company.
Our objective is to create long term, high value, sustainable business through identification, development, allocations, sourcing, production and conversion of natural resources, backed by market focused and modern innovative solutions.

about_3-300x187In order to meet our objective and maintain real growth, we must: 

• Diligently manage and actively build our portfolio of high quality assets and services.

• Encourage the continuous forward momentum of the company to ensure the constant high performance of each and every individual.

• Ensure that targets are met and responsibilities are properly discharged.

• Uphold trust with employees, suppliers, communities and customers by being forthright with all aspects of our company’s involvement and constantly delivering on commitments.

Our Principles

Social and Environmental Responsibility
•   An overriding commitment to health, safety and the environment.

Ethics, Integrity and Transparency
•   Always fulfilling our commitments. We do what we say!!

Excellence in Performance
•  The fulfillment of achieving our goals by delivering exceptional business results and always stretching the boundaries.

Mutually Beneficial Relationships
•   Focusing on value for all parties involved, thus creating a stable platform for long term relationships.

The Strength to Lead Change
•   Undertaking the responsibility to drive and deliver positive change in the face of adversity.

Respect for Diversity
•   Thriving with trust, team work, willingness and positive actions towards all involved. Acknowledging one another as equals, respecting differences and promoting competitive inclusion.
Success is achieved when:

•  Customers and suppliers benefit from our business relationships.

•   Steady growth and sustainable investments are achieved within the company.

•   An overall positive impact is made on the environment and local communities that value our company presence.

•    Every person employed within the company feels a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.