Mineral Exploration

Within Essex’s Mineral Division, the Exploration group is mandated with increasing the value of the company by the exploration or acquisition of new mineral resources.

Exploration involves the identification, prioritization and testing of geological, geochemical and geophysical targets. The exploration process ends when a discovery is handed over to one of Essex product groups (Iron Ore, Manganese, Copper, Gold & Diamonds and Energy) for detailed evaluation.

Minerals_3Essex exploration strategy brings us sustained success in a highly competitive market. We have maintained our commitment to exploration over the years and the consistency of expenditure and activity has produced extraordinary results.

We have an exceptional set of assets and growth opportunities, both in established projects and exploration prospects. We aim for a multi commodity exploration portfolio composed of the very best opportunities available to us.

We are also mandated by third party holders of mineral deposits to ascertain their deposit values,  identify the quality and grade of materials held and offer technical advise. In some cases Essex Holdings will operate the extraction and sale of the commodity on behalf of the client. We have made significant investments in the training, development and infrastructure within the exploration division to ensure that we have the very best trained personnel and the most up to date technology.