Launched in November 2008, the Essex Foundation was inspired by a desire to consolidate the charitable and community-oriented actions of Essex personnel and associates around the world and to encourage, support and develop these activities.
Found_4-300x187Across our business segments, our goal is to make a positive contribution to the people of our host communities and to people in need throughout the world. We aim to make a real difference by creating genuine, positive and lasting change.

With any new project, we start by identifying the needs of the community and try to find ways to positively impact and improve the circumstances. We measure our effectiveness through a formal planning process and these plans assess education, health, and environment.

Reflecting the Essex Holdings philosophy to give individuals the opportunity to develop and reach their full potential, the Essex Foundation aims at making a real difference by creating genuine, positive and lasting changes in the societies, communities and projects it supports, and by stimulating socio-economic development and reducing dependence on non-sustainable practices and increasing their education, training and personal development.

Some recent examples of projects we have been supporting:

• The Essex Home: Our community project in Haiti for displaced children is making a real difference in the lives of the children that live there by creating real, beneficial, permanent changes.

• Essex Scholarship Program: Intended to assist and encourage outstanding students in completing their college education. These scholarships have been awarded within the United States and many countries throughout the world.

• Essex Technology Education Program: State of the art technology systems placed in multiple locations for education purposes to be used by the young children of low income families.

• Narrowing the educational gap in low income communities in the United States, by developing an after-school program in the inner city areas, providing a stable and secure environment where young teenagers receive educational support, tutoring, training and life-skills.