Energy Division

Essex Energy division is composed of;

  • Oil
  • Fuel Oils
  • Steam Coal


Essex Holdings is a new comer in the energy industry. Essex Holdings supplies and trades to our standing clients in the energy industry. Oil products such as fuel, oil and heating oil as well as steam coal are physically marketed through this commodity division.

Essex Holdings has integrated with several subsidiaries who own a diversified portfolio of oil producing assets. These subsidiaries are direct fuel sellers and resellers throughout different areas of the world.

energy_1-300x187Essex Holdings also has direct relationships with the end buyer through the buyers Bank who facilitates the entire fuel transactions. Due to this Essex has been approached by financial institutions to acquire fuel for their clients.

As an example; Essex Holdings has been approached by a major bank in the Dominican Republic on their client’s behalf to provide diesel fuel to several Power Plants which provide electricity by use of their diesel burning generators.

The power plants run on a fuel called D6 which is a slow burning fuel used to power the generators which in turn run the plant.


Another source of fuel that Essex Holdings supplies is steam coal. To support the activities of this type of fuel, Essex Holdings integrated with several subsidiaries that hold ownership interests, both directly and indirectly, in several strategically located coal mining operations.

Essex Holdings Energy products are marketed and coordinated primarily by our offices in Ft. Lauderdale and Santo Domingo.