Essex Holdings is honored to be able to play a role in the support of local traditions and youth activities throughout Chile. The latest support extended by Essex is to the “T’ikay Waynakar” DSC_0031Bloom of youth group which was formed on August 9th 2011 by a group of enthusiastic youths from Chanaral Chile. The youth  group’s focus is to rescue the local traditions and dances of Chile throughout different areas which are routed on Chilean tradition. The group have just returned from Argentina where they won first place in a competition oriented around sharing folk dances from various Chilean regions. The youth group were also seen performing at the spring carnival in Copiapo in 2012.

The youth group are not only focused on bringing traditional awareness to light but are also strongly focused on the youth development throughout various regions of Chile, in such all of the members must maintain their grades at school to remain in the group.

Dr. Navin Xavier, President and CEO for Essex Holdings stated “Essex through its various endeavors strives to ensure that where possible we can, and do support the local youth DSC_0013groups, what these young people have started and are sharing with other communities through the ” T’ikay Waynakar” Bloom of youth group is admirable and I am very happy that Essex are able to support there cause. We wish them all the very best for their future activities and we thank them for allowing us to be a part of the same.”

We would like to extend or gratitude to the “T’ikay Waynakar” Bloom of youth group for making the event such a success and we wish you the best of luck in your next competition.



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