October 26th 2012:  Essex Holdings Inc. would like to extend their best wishes to the people of Chañaral, Chile, who are today celebrating the 179th Birthday of the city.

In 1824 the first large natural copper deposits were discovered by Diego de Almeyda who in turn was the first in the Chilean industry to export Copper. For this reason on October 26th 1833 the town of Chañaral de Las Animas (Chanar – Meaning “field of the souls”) was founded. The great boom in Chañ”aral began in 1860 when A. Edwards & Company was inaugurated where an “inn” (old drinking tavern) still exists today. Since then many changes have taken place, however this has not altered the great city and strong will of the people who today continue to dwell in the city and surrounding areas. The city of Chañaral is represented by the flag with emblems of the Guanaco (South American Lama), Lobo Marino (Seal family) and Barquito Port (sea port).

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Chañaral and its great people the very best for the day, special thanks go out to all the local authorities and people who have given us continued support with our local operations

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