August 28th 2012; Essex Holdings Inc. have announced that they will be supporting  the local community sports projects being run throughout Barquito, Chanaral, in the Northern region of Chile. The local sports authority is supported by the Honorable Mayor, Mr. Hecta Volta, who on Saturday August 18th held a ceremony at the City Stadium to announce the renovation plan for the stadium over the next few months, which is to include changing the dirt playing surface to an artificial surface, upgrading the stands and surrounding area and general maintenance and improvements.

The ceremony was a great success and was attended by various local authorities from the area, Deputy Mayor Lautaro Carmona, various local sports clubs with children of all ages, members of various Municipal sports schools, special guests and public people also interested in the celebration came along for the day.

Dr. Navin Xavier, President and CEO of Essex Holdings when asked about the event stated, “Sports is an extremely important tool in the development and fitness of today’s youth, it’s great to see that so many of the local people and sports clubs were able to attend, I am also very happy to see that the Honorable Mayor, Mr. Hecta Volta plays such an active part in the development of the area. All of the children, sports clubs and public people who attended definitely made the day enjoyable for all; and I am glad for our company to play an active role to the areas in which we operate, I look forward to being able to actively support further the local area.”

In order to celebrate the day Essex Holdings Inc. and the Honorable Mayor, Mr. Hecta Volta Donated footballs to be used at the stadium. The day’s events included speeches by various authorities and government representatives followed by afootball game between 2 teams of the Super Senior League.



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