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Essex Holdings Inc. has today announced the acquisition of a patented tacticalwater filtration system which will be added to the infrastructure support to the companies mining operations in Chile. The unit’s main purpose will be to produce clean drinking water from saline water such as sea / river water or other non-drinkable sources. The unit was originally designed for the USA Government as a high specification system to clean contaminated water should bio terrorism attacks occur. The unit is capable of completely eliminating harmful and deadly substances such as Anthrax from polluted water, and remotely relaying information to a command center using the web and low orbiting satellites via the “water- eye system”.

The unit uses multiple filtration processes such as an incline filter, ozone generator, alternating media filters, activated carbon filters, UV light, ultra filtration, reverse osmosis and a liquid chlorine injection system to produce high quality drinking water.

Since the companies mining operations will be from isolated non arable areas such as the Atacama Desert the unit will provide clean drinking water all year round.

Dr. Navin Xavier, President and CEO of Essex Holdings when questioned on the acquisition stated “The unit will be an invaluable asset to the company, not only to our employees but also to the surrounding areas and population, we will endeavor to ensure that we provide clean drinking water to those in need in the areas in which our company operates, by providing sustainable solutions to the water problems in the region we will create long lasting added value. We believe that the basic needs of the local people will be greatly improved by our company implementing such technological infrastructure. With an hourly output of 3000 gallons of clean drinking water and the ability to produce the same 24 hours a day we will make a great impact.”

The momentum of Essex Holdings in the region is sure to create lasting solutions and positive change; the company is not only focused on the business in hand but is also directing focus onto their community based and philanthropy activities. It is rare to see companies putting so much thought into the local community at such early stages and we are sure that Essex Holdings will be very successful in the area.


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