Significant financial investments have been made by Essex Holdings Inc. to secure the rights to mine  3200 Hectares of mineral reserves, enabling Essex Holdings to expand even further the company portfolio of acquisitions.

The first large scale venture that Essex Holdings will be embarking on is     Project SS-Xavier which is located to the North West of Chanaral City, in the mineral rich region of Atacama. The entire 3200 Hectares of Project SS-Xavier are positioned within the mineral bodies of the regions fault belt where a high concentration of iron ore (62% + FE ), copper and gold have been ascertained to exist.

On the 30th of September 2011 Essex Holdings submitted the environmental report statement for one of the target areas of  project SS-Xavier to the Chilean Ministry for Environment approval of the 18.9 Million USD project. The project will be subdivided into 5 key mining areas namely SS-Xavier I-V. The project costing is to cover expenditure occurred in pit 1 and 2.  The work is already in process with operations and extraction beginning in February 2012, with initial extraction of iron ore of 200,000 Mt per month.
ss_xavier Essex Holdings mineral division will manage and operate the project from extraction to sale of the commodities through their offices in Fort Lauderdale and Santiago. The group are now strategically planning to extract the ore bodies with increased extraction by August 2012

Dr. Navin S. Xavier, company President and CEO says” The future for Essex Holdings  is looking very strong indeed, there are many new ventures and acquisitions  that the company have taken up over the last 15 months and  we have established a strong business plan with a broad diversified integration throughout our divisions, all of these combined with the expertise of the group will ensure that we become a leader in this sector in the years to come.”

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